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1. Old Road

Last Saturday, December 19th, we woke to snow covered ground. It was the first snow of the season but it didn’t come from a normal snowstorm. This was lake effect snow that came all the way from Buffalo, New York. Buffalo sits on the shores of Lake Erie and is famous for getting unbelievable amounts of lake effect snow. Luckily this storm gave them and parts of New Hampshire just a dusting this time.

2. Snowy Turkey Tails

Turkey tail fungi (Trametes versicolor) are tough and don’t mind a little snow or cold. These examples were nice and colorful.

3. Christmas Fern

It would take a lot more snow than this to flatten an evergreen Christmas fern (Polystichum acrostichoides) but eventually they will flatten. This year’s fronds will turn brown and wither in the spring when the new ones begin growing.

4. Ashuelot

From my favorite river watching perch on the old Thompson covered bridge, the Ashuelot River looked moody and had just a little snow on its right hand bank.

5. Ashuelot Bank

This view is of the sharp snow melt line between where the sunshine was and the bridge’s shadow. By the time I got there the sun was quickly disappearing.

6. Monadnock

From Perkin’s Pond in Troy Mount Monadnock had a dusting of snow that only showed when the sun was full on the summit, which wasn’t often on this day. The strong wind made the pond surface choppy.

7. Monadnock Summit

Here you can see the snow on Mount Monadnock a little better. You can also see a solitary climber, standing in almost the same spot as the lone climber I saw the last time I was here. It must have been very, very cold up there.

8. Woods

Back in the forest the snow was staying put where the sun didn’t shine.

9.. Indian Pipe

A large clump of Indian pipe seed pods (Monotropa uniflora) stood beside the trail. Each one looked as if it had been carved from a wooden block.

10. Snowy Fern

Some evergreen ferns still had a good coating of snow, but the sun was just reaching them.

11. Black Jelly Fugus

Black jelly fungus (Exidia glandulosa) grew on an alder limb, but was frozen solid. I’ve never been able to find out how fruiting in winter benefits jelly fungi but it must, because that’s when most of them appear.

12. Ice

Ice had covered dead grass stems and made sharply pointed patterns.

13. Puddle Reflections

A large puddle in the woods reflected the promise of better weather to come. Meteorologists say we’ll see sixty plus degrees again on Christmas Eve day, and I can’t think of a better gift after our last two extreme winters.

My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?  ~Bob Hope

Thanks for coming by. I hope everyone has a safe, joyous and blessed Christmas.


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Oh I remember-I mentioned spring two posts ago. Well, never mind-we won’t be seeing spring for a while yet.

 1. Snow Depth

Last Saturday morning I woke to find this outside my door-the snow, not the yardstick. We don’t fool around with any of that new-fangled weather gadgetry here in New Hampshire.

2. 2-9-13 Snowstorm

The trees had been frosted overnight but it wouldn’t last long because we had a fierce wind blowing.

 3. Trail on 2-9-13

The trails were pristine but the snow was knee deep and impossible to maneuver easily without snowshoes or skis. The gale force winds quickly blew the snow off the trees and had them creaking and groaning so loudly that it wasn’t too hard to imagine what being on a three masted schooner in heavy swells must have sounded like.

 4. February Sky on 2-9-13

The sun came and went and had no effect on either the temperature or the wind.

 5. Wind Patterns in the Snow

The wind sculpted the snow and blew it into drifts-in some places deep enough to completely bury cars. In this picture it was working on burying a stone. Or maybe it was uncovering it.

 6. Snow Wave

 In other places it sculpted waves.

 7. Sun on Snow

All winter long I’ve been trying to convince my camera that snow really does sparkle in the sun. For some reason the camera has a hard time seeing what the eye sees when it comes to snow sparkles. This shot came close.

 7. Geese on the River 2-9-13

The geese on the river didn’t seem to mind the wind. I’ve noticed that their numbers are increasing. Whatever happened to geese flying south for the winter, I wonder.

 8. Ashuelot River on 2-9-13

The Ashuelot River water level has dropped a few feet and it is starting to ice up again. Just a week ago the banks were nearly full and it looked spring like had come.

 9. Ashuelot River on 2-9-13

A couple of nights of below zero temperatures have probably changed this scene considerably since this was taken.

 10. February Sky on 2-9-13

You wouldn’t know it by this sky, but temperatures are supposed to be above freezing each day this week and except for Monday, the sun is supposed to shine all week. I’m counting on it.

The snow was whiter than what seemed possible. ~J. McSparin – 8th Grader

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